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Window Channel

Ebco’s window channel seals are just one of the many products that other competitors simply cannot match. These seals are a great way to install and seal glass into a sheet metal opening. These single-piece seals can be simple for single panel assemblies or more complex profiles for full 4-panel windshield assembly. After installation, the sealing force and window retention force can be increased by using a filler strip or self- locking design. A window installed this way doesn’t require any fasteners. Window rubber seals are great to use in any type of commercial vehicle. On top of that, they can prevent any unwanted weathering, noise, or debris from getting into any opening.

We make our rubber seals with the finest quality materials, like EPDM, so that they can be more reliable and last within your application for years to come. We make it incredibly easy for our buyers to find the right seal for their application.

We also offer different applications to increase the functionality of our seals. If you’re interested in adding, slip coating, and molded joints, let us know and we can make it work for you.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality materials and manufacture.
  • Ready-to-install.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Applications offered to increase durability.
  • Minimal costs.
  • Customizable for any application.

Window Channel Seal Technical Support

Looking for technical support to help assess your application? If our window rubber seals from stock do not meet the requirements for your application, we can help! Our team of engineers at Ebco has decades-long knowledge and experience with OEM rubber parts, meeting numerous application requirements for the industries we assist. Our team will work alongside you to provide the best-fitted profile design.

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