Plateform Anti-Vibration Mounts

Ebco’s plateform anti-vibration mounts are an effective way to dampen your machinery’s vibration and reduce as much noise and shock as possible. Our plateform mounts are designed to distribute the stress throughout the entire mount, ensuring maximum service life.

We have many styles available in our catalog of plateform mounts that can be used in just about any condition for your application: flange, taper, low profile, offset, rebound, block, dome, multi-plane, arch, bridge, conic, cup, pedestal, and cast to name a few. Each one of these mounts will have a square, diamond, or mounting plate to accommodate the design of your equipment.  If you find none of these styles fit your need, we can help customize the design to get your machine up and tuned properly.

Our plateform mounts have a wide range of load ratings from 5 to 10,000 pounds, allowing any weight of machinery to bear our mounts. Most of our anti-vibration mounts have a fail-safe installation due to their design, while other mounts have snubbing washers with an interlocking system to create a fail-safe system.

Common applications: A plateform mount can be found for almost all applications, from small loads to very heavy duty.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality manufacture and materials.
  • Many different styles unique to your application.
  • Low cost and easy installation.
  • Noise suppression and shock absorbtion.
  • Distributes stress evenly throughout.
  • Load ratings from 5 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Customizable to fit your need.

Plateform Mount Technical Support

We understand you might need technical support and we’re here to help for all your OEM solutions! Contact us if you’re having trouble finding the correct size for your application. We can also provide an in-depth engineering analysis to determine vibration isolation solutions. We have the right tools to perform on-site data gathering and troubleshoot your problem with our real-time analysis software. At Ebco, we have over 65 years of knowledge and experience with OEM parts, providing you with the comfort of knowing that you’ll receive world-class solutions at economical prices!

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