Cylindrical Vibration Isolators

Ebco’s cylindrical vibration isolators are constructed with the highest quality metal and rubber to maximize vibration isolation and minimize noise while managing motion. Our cylindrical mounts, also known as sandwich or bobbin mounts, are the perfect solution for your specific application at a low cost.

Cylindrical mounts are most used to provide suppression for both active and passive vibration. These anti-vibration mounts are also utilized to control shock and structure noise. Common applications for cylindrical vibration isolators include compressors, electronic equipment, engines, generators, medical equipment, small pumps, and welding machines. These mounts are the perfect solution for any application used in agricultural, construction, or industrial markets.

The three bobbin mount styles available in our rubber isolators catalog include male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female.

  • Male-to-male mounts have male threads on either side of the mount.
  • Male-to-female mounts have one male thread on one side of the mount and a female thread on the other.
  • Female-to-female mounts have female threads on either side of the mount.

PLEASE NOTE: While our cylindrical vibration isolators have many uses and applications, it is not recommended that these mounts be used for applications with a high radial load or applications that require a fail-safe connection.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality materials and manufacture.
  • Reduced wear of machinery, increasing life expectancy.
  • Increased machine protection.
  • An improved work environment for employees.
  • Noise suppression.
  • Simple maintenance due to no moving parts.
  • Easy, low-cost installation and removal.
  • Variety of sizes available from our stock.

Cylindrical Mounts Technical Support

We understand you might need technical support and we’re here to help! Contact us if you can’t find the correct size you need or if you need engineering analysis to determine your vibration isolation issues. We have the right tools to perform on-site data gathering and troubleshoot your problem with our real-time analysis software. Our decades-long knowledge and experience with OEM parts provides you with the comfort of knowing that you’ll be provided with top-notch solutions.

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