Custom Hoses



  • Standard Sizes
  • Available in Bulk or Cut Lengths
  • Variety of Colors
  • In-line Printing


  • Highly Customizable
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Minimal Tooling Impact


  • From Simple to Complex Designs


  • Variety of Profiles
  • Available in Bulk or Cut Lengths
  • Customizable Ends


Ebco’s custom hoses are unlike any other hoses in the industry. We make our hoses with the finest materials that range from the more common materials, like EPDM and neoprene, to the more special materials, like FKM and PVC. Hoses can be reinforced when required through the use of fabric, wire, or design features. These materials are tough and self-sustaining, ensuring that they’ll be used in production for a long time.

Our hoses can be designed in several ways. These include extruded, formed, molded, and convoluted and each is special in their own way:

  • Extruded hoses are available in cut and bulk lengths and come in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Formed hoses are highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing. These are produced by taking an extruded hose and then either vulcanizing or curing the hose to the desired shape (bends, flare ends, etc).
  • Molded hoses can be shaped into simple or complex designs.
  • Convoluted hoses have a variety of profiles and have customizable ends.

There are several different applications you can use our hoses for. These include air intake, coolant, discharge, ducting, fuel, generators, lawn and turf care equipment, material handling equipment, oil, vacuums, vehicle engines, and water.

Our engineers have decades of combined knowledge to help you determine what hose is right for you and get the customized rubber profile to your liking. We want our customers to feel safe knowing that their application specifications are met the first time around.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple types of hoses to fit your application.
  • Made with the highest quality materials like Neoprene and Silicone.
  • Highly customizable for practical or aesthetic needs.
  • Top-quality engineering analysis.

Hoses Technical Support

From pressure requirements to temperature ranges, designing a hose can be very complicated. That’s why you can consult with our technical support experts! We can help you determine what specific requirements you need for your customized hoses. Once we finalize your design, we can put it through our hose testing to make sure that your hose can stand the wear and tear of your application. Take advantage of our services today!

For additional information, call us today: 847-531-9500.