Ebco offers an extensive library of extruded seal profiles for your application. If a custom profile is required, our engineers can easily design an alternative solution at a minimal cost. Corners and seams are molded to provide excellent pull strength at the bond. Ebco can provide profiles with flocking, slip seal coating, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), HAT adhesive, plastic insert attachment systems and adhesive in the U channel for superior strength.



Our collection of extruded rubber seals is top of the line and a leader in the industry. The seals we provide are crafted with the highest quality materials and our engineering team will work with you to determine the best sealing geometry for your application.

Purpose of Sealing Profiles

When you look for a sealing profile, you’re looking for one to get the job done right the first time. You’ll find that our catalog has several options to choose from.

A sealing profile’s job is to keep dust out of, insulate, weather-proof, and suppress sound from your machine or equipment. Whether it’s rain or snow that gets into your industrial equipment, or if you’re trying to keep the buildup from dust out of your doors, Ebco’s seals are the right option for you.

Styles of Seals

We have grouped our standard seals into 8 categories that will allow you to find the perfect seal for your application. Each group has its own unique design to fit your application and ensure that your machinery stays safe and efficient. If you can’t find a design that works for you, let us know and we can work with you to custom design the type of seal that you need.

Here are our eight styles of sealing profiles:

Custom Corner Treatments

Ebco offers custom corner treatments to meet any customer's specifications. We can fabricate corners into a variety of configurations through molding, hot splicing, cold splicing, and profile transitions.

Molded corners will provide the ultimate corner.  Here we inject rubber under high pressure to bond the two pieces into a strong endless seal.

Hot splicing utilizes a similar technique to molding. The key difference between the two is that hot splicing bonds the corner extrusions by bringing together the ends with a liquid elastic adhesive and heat, cementing the parts into a complete corner.

Cold splicing will bring together the two ends by applying an air-cured adhesive, producing a strong endless seal.

Why Ebco

  1. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our product since it’s made with the highest quality materials, such as EPDM, Neoprene, and Silicone, and the highest quality of manufacturing.
  2. Our extruded rubber seals are incredibly easy to install and require no maintenance. Our seal designs can make it easy to press into place and ensure that you won’t have to replace it for a long time.
  3. If you feel that the seal needs more support, we can provide the necessary adhesion to assure you that it’s working at maximum strength.
  4. Several styles are available to fit your attachment and seal geometry needs in a wide range of sizes and sealing geometry.
  5. Full customization to fit your exact needs of the application while maintaining product integrity.