Custom Extrusions

Ebco is a world-class leader when it comes to custom extruded rubber products. It’s just one of the many fine products that we make to satisfy all your rubber needs. We can create many custom extrusions for little to no tooling charges, just let us know what you need! We have the ability to create profiles in various sizes and we can also co-extrude materials including dense elastomers, metal, and sponge elastomers.

Our products are typically used in the agricultural, construction, commercial vehicle, defense, turf-care, power generation, off-highway, and industrial markets. If you can’t find a certain product that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to help you get the product that you need.

We also have several secondary operations to fortify the strength of your product. Here is what’s available:

  • Applying PSA
  • HAT Adhesive
  • Flocking
  • Channel Adhesive
  • PU Slip-Coat
  • Silicone Slip-Coat
  • Various Cutting Operations
  • Custom Corner Treatments with:
    • Molding
    • Hot Splicing
    • Cold Splicing
    • Profile Transitions

Custom Extruded Profiles Technical Support

When it comes to our custom rubber extruded products, there’s a lot of different routes to take. This includes; which materials to use, which size you need, and what other customizable options there are. Fortunately, our knowledgeable technical support team is here to help! We give our recommendations during the entire design process to not only give you the design you want but to make sure it will fit your application’s needs.

Call us at 847-531-9500 for more information.