Edge Trim

Plate Thickness Inches Toggle in/mm


Min 0.089Max 0.156


Min Max


Min 0.024Max 0.073


Min 0.024Max 0.058


Min 0.024Max 0.033


Min 0.058Max 0.094


Min 0.180Max 0.180


Min 0.024Max 0.062


Min 0.117Max 0.156


Min 0.073Max 0.184


Min 0.089Max 0.184


Min 0.371Max 0.371


Min 0.625Max 0.625

Ebco’s rubber edge trim seals are constructed with such high quality making us the brand of choice for agricultural, commercial vehicle, construction, industrial, power generation, and turf care industries.

Our edge trim extruded rubber seals protects the people and items who come into contact with them from the sharp edges. The rubber ‘U’ channel trim design provides a great way to eliminate sharp edges around corners or openings, preventing people and wires from cutting cut.

When we say our products are made with the best materials, we mean it. That’s why we use high-grade EPDM in our edge trim seals. We offer a wide range of sizes, making it a sure-fire way to fit your application. Just in case it doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can make it larger or smaller where you need it.

Common applications: vehicle door edges, running boards, sheet metal openings, truck bed covers, and other dangerous sharp edges.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality materials and manufacture.
  • Minimal costs.
  • Easy installation for any application.
  • Several styles to fit your needs.
  • Large range of thickness.
  • Customizable for unique situations.

Edge Trim Seal Technical Support

Need technical assistance? Our team of expert engineers is here to help! Contact us if there is a specific design you had in mind for your rubber u-channel trim seal, or if you need engineering analysis to determine the correct sizing for your application. At Ebco, we have over 65 years of experience with OEM rubber parts. As our customer, you can have the security of knowing that you’ll be provided top-notch solutions at reasonable prices.

Call us today and we’ll work with you to get the requirements and specifications appropriate to your application: 847-531-9500.