Bumper Vibration Dampeners

Ebco’s bumper mounts will ensure impact and vibrations won’t be damaging your machinery. Our bumper mounts, or buffer mounts, limit the movement of machines, doors, or equipment. Through the vibration dampener of the rubber, a massive amount of energy is absorbed.

Our bumper mounts come in two main designs, tapered and cylindrical. Many of these have a rubber body secured to a steel baseplate. Others have a cylindrical rubber body with an encapsulated metal washer providing a lower cost option. These rubber bumpers are designed to locate the rubber where the highest load will be to ensure as much energy absorption as possible. They allow a large load-deformation with no contact between the feet and the bump stops. In addition to being a vibration dampener, they are constructed to prohibit noise generation and can be installed very easily with no maintenance required.

Our catalog of bumper mounts includes:

  • Arched.
  • Block.
  • Recessed.
  • Recessed Block
  • Male Cylindrical.
  • Female Cylindrical.
  • Tapered.
  • Miscellaneous.

If none of these styles works for you, we can work with you to customize a vibration dampener tailored to your application.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality materials and manufacture.
  • Dampens noise and shock.
  • Low cost and easy installation.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Increased machine protection.
  • Simple design.
  • Customizable for your application.

Bumper Mount Technical Support

We understand you might need technical support and we’re here to help! Contact us if you can’t find the correct size needed for your bumper mount. We can also provide a detailed engineering analysis to determine vibration and noise issues. We have the right tools to perform on-site data gathering and troubleshoot with our real-time analysis software. We have over 65 years of knowledge and experience with OEM rubber parts and various industries, providing you with the ease of knowing that you’ll receive optimal solutions at reasonable prices.

Call Us To Get Started: 847-531-9500.

PLEASE NOTE: Our bumper mounts aid with noise reduction; however, we do not have the capability to determine and analyze noise levels.