About Ebco

Ebco has been an engineered-driven company supplying OEM customers with elastomer solutions since 1951.  It is a family-owned business located in Illinois that has specialized in finding low-cost manufactures in the US and expanded to global sourcing. Ebco now has ownership in factories in China and Thailand with distribution facilities in Ireland and Hong Kong to serve our global customers. We continue to expand our technical capabilities driven by our engineering staff which accounts for 35% of our employees.

Ebco History

  • 1951

    Ebco was founded in Chicago, IL as an Industrial Sales Representative Company.



    Ebco quickly found a market selling tires used on the iconic Radio Flyer Wagon.

  • 1960s

    Ebco became a contract manufacturer in an effort to expand their industry presence.



    Ebco acquired Nye Rubber and became the largest supplier of toy tires in the US.

  • Late 1970s

    Ebco shifted their product focus toward engineered products, specifically vibration isolators.



    Ebco expanded by moving to Elk Grove Village, IL, thus allowing Ebco to stock inventory, perform value added operations, and improve quality.

  • 2000

    Ebco became ISO 9001 Certified.



    Ebco expanded distribution in the US and Europe to serve an increasing customer base. Ebco opened distribution facilities in Knoxville, TN and Galway, Ireland (ERL).

  • 2009

    Ebco became ISO 14001 Certified.



    Ebco established a joint venture in Xiamen to increase control of manufacturing and product quality.

  • 2011

    Ebco relocated headquarters to Elgin, IL, and formed an exclusive partnership with MBR Distributors in order to better service lower volume customers.

    MBR Distributors

    Dublin, Ireland


    Ebco’s European distributor, ERL, moved their operations from Galway to Dublin, Ireland to improve transit times and costs for many customers.

  • Hong Kong2015

    Ebco added a distribution facility in Hong Kong to better serve their growing Asian customer base.

    Ebco Knoxville


    Ebco Knoxville relocated to a larger facility.

  • Thailand2018

    Ebco created a representative office and joint venture in Thailand.

    Ebco on Crain’s list of Chicago’s 100 Best Places to Work


    Ebco ranked #24 on Crain’s list of “Chicago’s 100 Best Places to Work"