Top Bulb Seals

Plate Thickness Inches Toggle in/mm


Min 0.024Max 0.028


Min 0.024Max 0.033


Min 0.024Max 0.117


Min 0.024Max 0.062


Min 0.024Max 0.024


Min 0.028Max 0.124


Min 0.028Max 0.117


Min 0.033Max 0.124


Min 0.033Max 0.117


Min 0.046Max 0.073


Min 0.046Max 0.089


Min 0.046Max 0.046


Min 0.058Max 0.094


Min 0.058Max 0.184


Min 0.062Max 0.124


Min 0.073Max 0.184


Min 0.073Max 0.184


Min 0.089Max 0.156


Min 0.089Max 0.124


Min 0.117Max 0.184


Min 0.117Max 0.246


Min 0.117Max 0.156


Min 0.156Max 0.250


Ebco’s top bulb seals are described exactly as they sound: a special kind of trim seal with a bulb on top. The main purpose of a rubber bulb seal is to keep out unwanted dirt and debris, along with harsh weather or noise. This is accomplished by the bulb geometry providing the required sealing force for your specific application. The unique part of a trim seal with a top bulb is that there is an extra layer of seal between two objects. The metal carrier provides the attachment grip and the bulb fills the gap. The bulb allows for some movement or gap variation while maintaining a tight seal. Bulb geometry can be varied to get the desired bulb compression or door closing force.

Top bulb seals come with a metal carrier for installation. This sealing style is also available without the metal carrier in our extruded sponge and extruded dense seal catalogs.

The plate thickness that the top bulb extruded rubber seals can be applied currently ranges from 0.024 inches to 0.250 inches, and we are adding to our inventory often, covering a wide span of applications to use our seals on. Made with the highest grade of EPDM, you can relax knowing that your machines can run safely and efficiently. We have many standard profile designs that should be able to accommodate your situation. If you still can’t find the right size you need, we are equipped to customize the seal to what you want, just let us know!

Common Markets: agricultural, commercial vehicle, construction, industrial, power generation, and turf care industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality materials and manufacture.
  • The top bulb strengthens the seal.
  • Protects from foreign debris.
  • Always adding new parts.
  • Simple installation.
  • Low costs.
  • Easy to customize for your needs.

Top Bulb Seal Technical Support

If you need any assistance in evaluating your application, our technical support team is here to help! At Ebco, our expert engineers can provide you with top bulb trim seals beyond our stock catalog. Together, our engineering team will work with you to confirm that your rubber seal profile meets the requirements, specifications and quality standards for your application.

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