Hose Testing

Ebco is a worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber hoses, anti-vibration mounts, seal profiles, and other custom moldings. As such, industrial hose testing is a critical part of our technical OEM support and services. Using advanced equipment for testing and analysis software, we can implement various hose tests while also meeting the required standards.

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Industrial Hose Testing Features

Our hose testing and analysis application provides an individualized report, outlining the results. Here are some of the many features that this testing service provides: 

  • Our hose testing system is multi-functional, accommodating each part on a case-by-case basis.
  • Modular testing capability, collecting high speed data.
  • Historical and real-time data feed.
    • Date & Time.
    • Time Display of Pressure.
    • Temperature Readings.
  • Each industrial hose test can be exported and printed, allowing for additional analysis.
  • Custom configuration capabilities, individualized for the testing needs of each hose.


Detailed Testing Services

Our engineering team can perform specific hose testing services. As a whole, our hose testing ability consists of being able to provide vacuum tests as well as burst pressure tests (high and/or low pressures) at elevated temperatures. In doing so, we can collect and record the data as the test is being performed.

Pressure Testing

Hydraulically pressure testing is important to validate the hose will function in the application. Testing hoses to failure can validate the working pressure and ensure a high enough safety factor for the application.

Burst Testing Hose Cabinet
Hose Testing Technical Support

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum testing is used to verify that a hose will not collapse in application. This can be important for suction lines and air intake applications.


  • 0 → -90 kpa [-26.5 in Hg] [-13 psi] [-360 in H2O]
  • -240-450°F [-151- 232°C]
Vacuum Testing
Hose Testing