Product Kitting

Ebco’s kitting service is your solution to shipping the products you purchased efficiently. If you’ve ordered either just one or several products from our vast rubber catalog, our distribution management team can package selected products together so that once your team receives the package, your kit is ready for assembly.

Our kitting packaging is custom-built and includes services like sub-assemblies, custom barcode labeling, build sheets, special packaging, or any other service you may request. Thanks to our product kitting packaging, you can expect the high quality of service every time you order something through Ebco.

Benefits of Using Kitting Packaging

  • Simplifying Ordering and Receiving.
  • Save Time and Effort.
    By partnering with Ebco, your parts are in the same package and ready for assembly.
  • Cut Down your Team’s Work Times.
    This includes efficient shipping, implementing speed picking and optimizing assembly.
  • Custom Services to Enhance your Shipping Experience.
  • Reduction in Freight Costs by Using our Consolidated Shipping.
  • Reduction in Waste.

Find out how our kitting services can give your company a competitive advantage.

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