Barcode Tags

Ebco wants to ensure that every customer is well taken care of and that every shipment is hassle-free. That’s why we offer custom barcode tags!

At Ebco, we can create custom barcode tags to better categorize, promote and safeguard your business. Each tag/label is tailored to meet any necessary application requirements. Our barcoding service is available for any customer to use on any product that is purchased, including customized products. Whether it is for one product or multiple, we can customize each label to best suit your needs.

Barcode Tag Service Features

Here are some of the customized preprinted features we can add to your barcode tag:

  • Serial-Numbered Barcodes in Sequential Order.
  • Box Count (1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.)
  • Box Quantity.
  • Container labels and master labels.
  • Date.
  • Part ID/Number.
  • Part Revision.
  • Product Quantity.
  • Purchase Order (P.O.).
  • Ship to Location.
  • Serialized Shipping Labels.
  • Vendor Number.

It might seem like a simple service to the average person, but to us, it’s about a whole lot more. This service focuses on ensuring your shipment comes in without any confusion or stress, avoiding any receiving errors or delays in processing. You can scan all the information you need right from your loading dock and get your product into production faster.

Our distribution management team is committed to helping you track and manage your shipments and inventory; Ebco’s custom barcode tags are a cost-effective solution for any budget. Take advantage of our barcoding service to make your business run smoother.

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