Custom Straps

Ebco wouldn’t be the company that it is today without its team of expert engineers providing customized solutions. We strive to be innovators! In addition to our catalog of standard straps, we developed a group of custom straps to accommodate other unique applications. Like our standard straps, these straps are made with the highest quality materials, like Neoprene, so that it can withstand daily wear and tear.

Our selection of equipment straps will provide you with the comfort of knowing that your equipment is secure and safe. Nothing will be able to move around with our straps. As always, we can customize and design any strap style to the needs of your application. We can create any length or design for different attachment methods. The strap ends can be designed for ball, pinned, slotted, or bolted connections in addition to standard hook method.

Please look at our drawings, by clicking on the images above, to see if there is a style that fits your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality materials and manufacture.
  • Secondary applications.
  • Minimal cost.
  • Simple installation and removal.
  • Various designs.

Miscellaneous Straps Technical Support

When you need help during any part of the design process for your miscellaneous straps, don’t be afraid to reach out to our technical support team! We have decades of combined knowledge with OEM parts to put your mind at ease. We also offer various services like compounding, material testing, physical testing, and simulations to put your straps to the test and get the job done right.

Please call at 847-531-9500 to get more information.