Vendor Managed Inventory

Ebco has been in business for several decades. We understand over time you build up several relationships with various vendors and it can become difficult to keep track of what’s helping your business versus what’s become stagnant, or worse, hurting it. We can take away that overwhelming factor of working with numerous vendors by offering our vendor consolidation service! If relationships are starting to falter or if you’re looking to create new relationships with other companies, turn to us to help your company prosper.

Here’s what we go through to analyze your business relationships with other vendors:

  • Thorough research.
  • Analyzing performance.
  • Negotiating and maintaining contracts.
  • Looking for opportunities.
  • Managing relationships.
  • Acquiring pricing.
  • Cutting down turnaround times.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost Savings – With vendor consolidation, you’ll have more purchasing power to place higher volume orders. This will lead to improved pricing, lower freight expenses, and fewer transaction costs.
  • Simple Processes – Having relationships with just one or a few vendors results in less risk associated with each vendor. We make your processes a lot simpler by taking care of your valued vendors.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory – We will take responsibility for managing the inventory you receive from your vendors, resulting in reduced inventory costs, less responsibility, and diminished inventory overstocks or shortages.
  • Time Savings – Keeping your vendors to a small number can vastly improve your time. Less time focused on your vendor relationships is more time you can use to improve other areas of your company.
  • Stronger Relationships – Through all the benefits mentioned above, your relationship with your vendors becomes stronger and more trustworthy. You’ll be able to build longer-lasting, more robust partnerships with the vendors that will always be there for you.