EDI Technology

Ebco separates itself from its competitors by continuously evolving and adapting to new and exciting technologies. These new technologies can aid us in improving our efficiency and save both ourselves and our customers' money. To maintain our status as an industry leader, we offer our EDI and web-based order fulfillment service.

What is EDI Technology?

To put it simply, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of electronically exchanging documents or data between companies. These documents might include purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, or acknowledgments. These transmissions include the same information that would be included on a paper version of a document.  When it comes down to it, it’s a conversation between two business systems sharing documents and those businesses become “trading partners.”

Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy – No longer will you have to worry about errors that arise. Since the data isn’t being re-keyed into another system, the accuracy of your document is improved. This could potentially eliminate excessive shipping charges or the cost of return for incorrect orders.
  • Efficiency – Filling out orders online is substantially faster than paper documents. This results in faster turn-around time on orders, an advantage against your competitors, and most importantly, happier customers.
  • Indirect Benefits – Over time, use of this technology can result in reduced lead times, better use of warehouse space, and improved cash flow.

We are all about efficiency, so please reach out to our distribution management team today, at 847-531-9500, to use this game-changing service.